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Create Space for Grandkids – Garage Door Screen

Hosting grandkids for the day, a weekend, or even longer is always fun. It is nice to have a dedicated space for them when they visit and an area you know they can feel at home.

Like most, you may be thinking of new ways to create more space in your bustling household. But did you know you can convert your garage into an indoor/outdoor space your grandchildren (and others) can enjoy? Learn the benefits of transforming your garage, how easy it is, and some ideas that will make both you and your grandkids excited for their next visit.

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Benefits of a Garage Door Screen

Is it worth it to transform your garage into a room? It is. Garages can often be underutilized spaces. Below are some of the benefits you can get from performing a garage transformation.

It Will Maximize Your Home’s Space

sunroom ideas - sunroom - sunroom addition
Featuring our Horizontal Side Slider SS10 and our Cabana Door CD90

Do you feel like you are running out of room inside? A garage door screen can quickly transform this area into an additional living space. Your grandkids will be happy with all the extra room they’ll get, and you’ll be satisfied knowing they have a designated area just for them. Considering the average 1-car garage is 12 feet by 20 feet big, you’ll gain a significant amount of additional functional space.

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It Provides a Good Study Space and More

Kids have a lot on their plates these days, and sometimes studies run into the weekend, or online learning can even take place seven days a week. Give them their own quiet space by converting your garage into a private space where they can have quiet, focus, and work on their studies. The same study space can quickly turn into a craft station that you can enjoy together. Then, when they’re away, you can use this space to work on your hobbies. Other ways your grandchildren can use the area include:

• A playroom

Have plenty of storage to hide their toys when they’re not there.

• A game room

If your grandkids love to play video games or board games, give them the perfect setup to enjoy these hobbies.

• A hangout space

If your grandkids enjoy having friends over or playing with cousins, give them a space of their own where they can be kids and have fun.

• A hobby room

If they play an instrument, consider having a music stand and a place where they can practice. If they’re a golf enthusiast, you may have a small putting strip. If you all enjoy outdoor activities, consider creating ideal storage for bikes, kayaks, and Stand-Up-Paddle boards.

• A reading space

If you have avid readers, encourage it by creating cozy spaces, they can curl up with a book (or audiobook). Consider wireless speakers so they can have relaxing music while they read.

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You Can Use the Space Too

Your grandchildren probably don’t stay with you 24/7. They may come over on the weekends or stay with you for a couple of weeks or months during the summer.

What else can you do with your garage conversion when the grandchildren are not in with you? Do not worry, this space will not go to waste. If the garage was intended to watch movies and play games with your grandkids, invite your friends over for sporting events, movie showings, or game nights. Adults will enjoy the room just as much as the kids. If you enjoy grilling and entertaining, consider pulling the grill outside the garage and keeping an eye on your food from the comfort of your screened-in space. Not only will you have a new extended patio, but it will protect you from flying insects.

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Start Your Garage Door Screen Project

Adding a garage side slider can be a fantastic way to create more space for family and friends. Garage door screen kits make this project simple, and you can find a dealer near you for help. Whether it is just you and your spouse or a house full of grandchildren, you will have a wonderful time in your converted garage.


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