Home Additions to Add Lasting Value

Your home is more than where your heart lives. It’s a substantial investment that should grow in equity over time. Home improvements are ways to enhance the value of that investment and, at the same, time add comfort and luxury that you can enjoy.

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It’s important to pick and choose your additions wisely, though. You want the value they add to last. Some trendy updates will be negatives in the next few years, leaving your home with an outdated feel. Who remembers shag carpeting and wood paneling? All the rage in the ’70s but pretty much extinct now.

Consider some projects that will always be in style and how they can add lasting value to a home.

Porch or Patio Enclosures

Extra living space in an Eze-Breeze porch enclosure

Featuring our Horizontal Side Slider SS10 and Cabana Door CD90

Adding a porch or patio enclosure is a home addition that retains most of its value, and who doesn’t love having an actual room outside your house? It’s a great way to get more space. You can expect to maintain a majority of the value of that addition, too. An enclosure will never go out of style and is something you can proudly list as a luxury amenity when it comes time to sell.

When making plans for this addition, there are some things that you want to think about, such as:

  • What is an added benefit of the enclosure in your city? If you live in a state known for its bugs, then you’ll want to build a bug-free fortress, for example.
  • If your state is known for hot summers, instead, then consider whether adding a ceiling fan makes sense. If not, then save money and skip the electrical work.
  • A nice view is good if you can get it but shouldn’t be the defining factor. Even if you don’t have the best view, a porch or deck enclosure still adds plenty of value.

Do some homework before deciding what kind of enclosure offers the most value for your home.

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Upgrade the Kitchen

It’s the first room a potential buyer looks at, and for a good reason. It’s one of the places they will spend most of their time. In strong housing markets, a kitchen upgrade offers nearly 100 percent return on investment — even more in some areas. What does it take to upgrade the kitchen, though?

Think floors, cabinets, countertops, and appliances. For a value that lasts, consider all-wood cabinets along with natural wood or stone floors and countertops. Look for modern appliances as well, with a commercial feel to them.

Roof Replacement

Zillow calls the roof part of the first impression anyone gets of your home. A roof replacement says something about the upkeep of the property, too. It says you took care of it. An old roof says this is a fixer-upper, instead.

Finish That Garage

Home addition with beautiful finished garage and screened door.

Featuring our Garage Side Slider SS30

You may not think of value when you see your garage, more like a home project, but having a finished one adds a certain wow factor to a home. It also adds flexibility.

You just cover up the exposed beams to create an extra room — attached or detached, to finish it. Finishing converts the garage into added space that can be a laundry room, office, or a man cave. Add an enclosure for the perfect sunroom. It can also be just a really nice, finished garage.

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About That Flooring

You might say when considering home improvement, start from the floor and go up. Solid hardwood flooring offers incredible value, up to 106 percent return on investment. It is a timeless style.

If a solid wood floor isn’t in the budget, you can look at engineered hardwood instead. It offers a compatible ROI and is made from 100 percent hardwood. Engineered hardwood consists of layers of wood veneer, as well. That adds more resilience to the flooring, especially in regions with high humidity.

Solid and engineered hardwood looks almost the same, too. For the buyer wanting hardwood floors, both will impress.

Natural stone flooring, on the other hand, is both durable and beautiful. Lime, slate, marble, and granite offer colors that blend into almost any decor. It also stays naturally cool, which is a plus for warm climates. Of course, that might not be the right choice in areas that are cold for part of the year.

A home is what you make of it, so why not make yours a better investment? Find the upgrade that adds the most value and invest in it.


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