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Sunroom Ideas – Decorating Your Sunroom Addition

Are you considering a sunroom addition? There is a lot to think about when designing a sunroom from color to furnishings to flooring and accessories. If creating the perfect interior design for your new sunroom addition feels like a daunting task, do not worry. Read on for 4 sunroom design tips that will help you get a result you’ll love.

Sunroom ideas 1: Develop a Theme

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The great thing about a sunroom addition is that it does not have to match your home’s decor. A sunroom allows you to be creative and use an entirely different palette than the rest of your home. If you want a more cohesive look, stick with similar colors and styles inspired by your home.

Whether you want an entirely new look or something more in line with what you have, pick a theme that suits your tastes and interests. It’s a unique addition to your home and separate from the rest of the house. So this is your time to be creative and play to your tastes. Picking a theme also helps you pick out color schemes, furniture, and decor.

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Sunroom ideas 2: Stick With Light Colors to Cool & Dark Colors to Warm Things Up

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A color scheme is essential for adding uniqueness and personality to your sunroom. Dark colors attract heat, so a sunroom that’s black, navy, or brown can feel hot during the warmer months of the year. If you want to spend more time in your sunroom addition in the winter months, going dark should be considered.

You can also take color cues from the outside of your home. Greens, yellows, and whites bring bright, freshness. They’re also great for bringing the outside in and connecting your garden and sunroom addition.

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Sunroom ideas 3: Choosing the Right Furniture

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When designing a sunroom, do not feel confined to shopping for outdoor furniture. You’re still in an enclosed space inside your home, just with more windows. No matter which type of furniture you decide to go with, you have options.

Today, shoppers can find beautiful outdoor furniture intended to look more like interior furniture. The benefit of using this style is that it is durable and can be water or spill-resistant. If you want to go with indoor furniture, think about how you will be using the space. If your sunroom addition is for entertaining, consider lots of seating options and places for people to gather. If you intend to use your sunroom for reading or meditation, explore comfortable oversized pieces. If you think the grandkids may take it over, be sure to include plenty of storage to hide their toys.

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Sunroom ideas 4: Get Creative

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Be bold and include plenty of decor items in your design. A sunroom addition can end up looking bare if it is not decorated to the same extent as the interior of your home.

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Use drapes, add lighting for evening use, and bring the outdoors in with plant life. For an even bolder choice, hang paintings on the glass walls. Rugs (interior or exterior) bring a pop of color and can warm the space.

Sunroom Addition Design Made Easy

So there you have it! If you follow these 4 sunroom addition design tips, you’ll be sure to add a stylish room for your home. Make it light and bright, and think about blending your outside space with the indoors. Most of all, have fun and make it a room you’ll enjoy spending time in every day.

If you’re looking to add a sunroom addition to your home, find a certified Eze-Breeze dealer near you.


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