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Family playing with dog in Eze-Breeze porch enclosure.

March 14, 2019

Porch Enclosures – 11 Awesome Porch Enclosure Ideas

Porch enclosures add so much to a home, and there are so many stylish ways to make the absolute most of the extra space. From plants to unique color schemes, there’s no limit to how you can make it the new favorite room in your house.
Check out these 11 amazing porch enclosure ideas.

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Here are some ideas:


Make your sunroom a true extension of the outdoors by adding a little, or a lot, of greenery. Floor plants stored in richly hued pottery provide welcome bursts of color to porch enclosures, while hanging plants provide floor-to-ceiling lushness.

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Creating a semitropical setting indoors can also help combat the winter blues and increase humidity. And even in the summer, plants can still work magic — studies show that they purify air, reduce stress, improve health, and sharpen focus. Don’t be afraid to go a little overboard in your sunroom. The more the better!


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Let your porch enclosure be a bright spot in your day with touches of vivid color. A chair, pillows, or rugs in radiant hues can really perk up a sunroom, adding bold contrast to otherwise understated décor. And there’s no need to be subtle if the rest of the space is relatively muted. Striking tones of yellow, green, and even pink can make a real splash in porch enclosures.


Outdoor living space in Eze-Breeze porch enclosure.

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Porch enclosures are the perfect place to host gatherings, big or small. Create a comfortable setting for guests with ample seating, including cushy chairs and couches or futons. Don’t skimp on plushness — add lots of pillows for a relaxed, casual setting that makes friends and family feel at home. Add all that to a great view, and you’ve got party perfection in your sunroom.


Backyard view through Eze-Breeze sunroom.

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Amp up the look of any porch enclosure with a variety of shapes. Unexpected graphic elements and geometric patterns lend a bit of boldness. Details like striped pillows and herringbone rugs can make for striking visuals, but you don’t have to stop there. Think beyond textiles with woven chairs and furniture with strong angles. Too sharp? Curved and circular accents might provide the contrast you’re looking in your porch enclosure.

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Light-colored wooden and wicker details can add calmness to your porch enclosure. Natural materials create a serene scene and can be easily mixed and matched. Bamboo or rattan furniture is an easy style win, while an eclectic collection of wooden tables, wicker lighting fixtures, and other accessories offer a perfect complement to decorative pillows and greenery.


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Take your home office to a new level by creating a workspace in your porch enclosure. The natural elements that a sunroom showcases can stir the senses and spark inspiration. Place a desk or table near a window to make the most of mood-boosting outdoor light. Fill your work area with favorite art and other things you love to turn up the energy of the porch enclosure.


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Not partial to color that pops? Muted hues lend subtle elegance to porch enclosures. Take a minimalist approach with neutral shades in every corner to make your style statement. Go for different shades of one color, and if you crave a bit more contrast, pick pieces with accents of dark blues, black, brown, or grey. The effect can be a light, airy, and elegant porch enclosure.


If you have an appreciation for previous decades, rev up your porch enclosure with retro and retro-inspired décor. Pieces from the past add personality to modern spaces — and, ironically, the look can actually feel fresher than trendier items that go out of style and appear dated quickly. And you don’t have to go all-out vintage if that doesn’t work with your home. Instead, consider an antique focal point, like a table or a lamp, to spruce things up in your porch enclosure.


Family playing with dog in Eze-Breeze porch enclosure.

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Breathe some life — and light — into the traditional family room by moving it to the natural setting of a porch enclosure. Many, like the ones we make at Eze Breeze, can be configured to be as spacious as a living room and perfect for relaxing or playing. Comfy furniture that everyone in the house will love to lounge on lends a homey feel in porch enclosures.


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Achieve an undeniably luxe look for your porch enclosure with a monochromatic color scheme. All-white décor can be stunning, but if that’s not practical for your lifestyle, mixing a few different shades of blue or gold can also create dramatic, streamlined style. Need a bit more contrast? Get it by introducing a range of textures with rugs, blankets, interesting surfaces, and more in porch enclosures.


A porch enclosure breathes new life into your home. It can also spice up your lifestyle. Make your sunroom an almost-al-fresco eating destination for every season. It’s a fun family or entertaining experience and a great way to start or end your day.

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