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Eze-Breeze does not sell directly to consumers. We partner with a wide range of authorized (by us, Eze-Breeze) dealers across the country. To find an Eze-Breeze dealer near you, visit our “Where to Buy” page. Only dealers listed on our website are authorized Eze-Breeze dealers.

Eze-Breeze Horizontal Side Sliders will glide left to right. These Eze-Breeze panels will provide up to 100% ventilation. Horizontal Side Sliders are a great choice for larger spaces where you want to maximize the amount of air that enters.

Eze-Breeze Vertical 4-Track panels slide up and down and have four vents to give you multiple ventilation options. With two or three vent configurations, you can let the breeze in with up to 75% ventilation. Our Vertical 4-Track panels are easy to clean as each vent can be tilted in and removed in seconds.

Eze-Breeze understands that our customers enjoy creating custom spaces, so we offer additional products to help you design your ideal enclosed patio or sunroom. An authorized Eze-Breeze dealer can tell you more about our:

  • Eze-Breeze Heavy-Duty Lip Frame: The Eze-Breeze Heavy-Duty Lip Frame pairs seamlessly with the Horizontal Side Slider. Designed to fill openings too small for Horizontal Side Slider products.
  • Eze-Breeze Lip: Lightweight for light-duty projects. Designed to fill openings too small for Vertical 4-Track products.
  • Eze-Breeze Removable Vent Fixed Lite: Our removable vent fixed lite features a vinyl-glazed vent and a screened frame. It is removable, allowing ventilation through the screen. Designed to fill openings too small for Vertical 4-Track products.
  • Eze-Breeze Cabana Door: Complete your new space with this versatile door that provides either in-swing or out-swing functionality and the option for a Vertical 4-Track or a Lip Frame insert

Eze-Breeze product installations can provide you with inspiration and help you determine what you want to see for your home. Eze-Breeze invites you to explore the following:

  • Eze-Breeze Photo Gallery- If you’re looking for inspiration, enclosed patio ideas, or sunroom ideas, you’ve come to the right place.
  • Eze-Breeze Blog- Find design tips and tricks along with guidance on how to start your own Eze-Breeze project by reading our blog.
  • Eze-Breeze Facebook Page- Explore Eze-Breeze installations from authorized dealer network. Our Facebook page showcases beautiful projects from around the nation.
  • Eze-Breeze Dealer Showroom- Some of our authorized dealers offer showroom spaces where you can experience Eze-Breeze products. Find a dealer in your area today.

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Your Eze-Breeze enclosed patio or sunroom should reflect your style. That’s why we offer multiple options:

  • Eze-Breeze Frame Colors- white, beige, bronze, pebble khaki, and black
  • Eze-Breeze Vinyl Colors- clear, smoke gray, bronze, and dark gray
  • Eze-Breeze Screen Colors- we offer six types of screens in both charcoal and gray

The goal of Eze-Breeze is to give homeowners a custom space that fits their specific needs. Eze-Breeze offers multiple sizes to help you achieve this. Your Eze-Breeze dealer will be able to help you select the right sizes for your project. Eze-Breeze can design product for nearly any opening size.

We get a lot of questions like, “How much does a four-season room cost?” or, “How much does an Eze-Breeze sunroom cost?” Many factors must be taken into consideration—the size of your space, where the space is located, whether you want a three season room or four season sunroom, and much more. By working with your Eze-Breeze dealer, he/she can help you better understand the estimated costs for your Eze-Breeze project.

Any of our authorized Eze-Breeze dealers can assist you by providing installation services or recommending a professional to install your Eze-Breeze system.

We offer a lifetime warranty on frames warranty and a 10-year warranty on vinyl, screens, and moving parts. Please note that using improper tools to clean your products may void your warranty. Visit our Care & Maintenance Instructions for best practices. Other restrictions may apply. Refer to our Eze-Breeze warranty for full details.

Eze-Breeze is committed to providing an outstanding experience. By registering your products with Eze-Breeze, you will enable us to better serve you. Please register your Eze-Breeze products with us today.

Eze-Breeze products are durable and low-maintenance, but some care is required to keep your products in the best shape possible. Each Eze-Breeze vinyl-glazed panel delivers beauty and protection from accidental impacts, UV rays, and outdoor pests. To ensure your Eze-Breeze products stay in great shape, you must follow a consistent care and maintenance routine. Regular inspections and attention will prevent your vinyl-glazed panels from drying out or becoming brittle. Our Eze-Breeze Maintenance Guide outlines best practices as well as what to avoid.

Eze-Breeze panels are constructed with flame-resistant vinyl, instead of glass. The vinyl is just as transparent as glass, but this alternative delivers numerous benefits. For example, if the vinyl is accidentally impacted by a baseball, it will return to its original shape in minutes. Our vinyl also maintains its color while filtering out 99% of UV rays. Our products are also flexible, accommodating a variety of climates from Canada to the Caribbean.

No. Eze-Breeze can enclose many spaces—from hot tubs to gazebos to nearly anything you can imagine. In fact, one of our most popular makeovers happens in garages. Our Garage Side Slider can help you transform this underused space into a gym, man cave, hobby room, or playroom.

No. Our products are extremely popular in the Midwest and Northeast areas of the United States where winters can be harsh. Our vinyl-glazed panels are designed to help reduce extreme heat, cold, and humidity—an ideal feature for any geography. This is one of the main reasons why homeowners have turned to us for years to create four-season spaces.

Our expert, Jeff Rafter, has seen hundreds if not thousands of Eze-Breeze projects over the years. In this article, he offers insight into what you should consider before you kick off this type of project. Additionally, an authorized Eze-Breeze dealer can help you dream and create a custom solution.