Outdoor living space in Eze-Breeze porch enclosure after snowfall.

2021 Sunroom Decor Trends

Whether you want to create an extra living space, a room for the family and grandkids, or you need a welcoming space to entertain your friends, a sunroom is a perfect solution. If you are interested in making your sunroom cozier and more inviting, 2021 has plenty of exciting decor themes to try.

Let us walk you through some ideas to get you inspired. Discover some of the latest trends for 2021 and learn how you can incorporate them in your home.

Rattan Furniture in a three season sunroom
Rattan Garden Furniture.

Staying Natural

As 2021 approaches, we see a definite shift toward natural wood details. Lighter, warm woods are rising in popularity, resulting in rooms with more wooden furniture and accents.

Rattan furniture fits right in with this trend, and it also gives your sunroom a cozy and welcoming look. This style works well with any nautical theme decor you may have. Adding to the natural theme is the trend of decorating with real plants and herbs.

The new trend for 2021 is to go with eco-friendly and sustainably sourced furniture. Choose artisan-made products designed to last, and then you can update or upcycle as needed.

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Spaces for Entertaining

Another change for 2021 is shifting toward making any space within (or outside) your home more accommodating for year-round entertaining. Three season rooms can extend their usage period by having extra cozy blankets and a hot beverage station nearby. People want comfortable furniture and indoor/outdoor living spaces meant to relax with friends and family all year.

Choose plush, comfortable furniture that encourages relaxation and envision reading a book or enjoying your morning coffee in the sunroom. Select furniture and layout your design so that it allows for easy conversation. Make sure you have plenty of seating and tables for drinks or food.

Rattan furniture in a three season sunroom

Rounded Edges

Another trend is curvy or round shapes. Choose furniture with a rounded look, such as round-back chairs or circular ottomans. This 2021 trend gives the nod to the curves we see in nature. 

If you want to use this idea, consider combining rounded furniture with wooden accents. If you have a dining table in your sunroom, an easy way to incorporate this trend is to use round-back chairs with wooden trim. If you want to experiment, consider mixing textures such as wood and metal or concrete and ceramics. For the best results, make sure your sunroom blends with your home decor.

Art Deco

In 2021, Art Deco is making a comeback. Consider adding Art Deco patterns and designs to your sunroom living space, including more geometric shapes, gold accents, and Art Deco furniture styles.

This style is all about luxury and elegance, so high-end materials like marble also work well with this theme.

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Use These Decor Themes to Create the Perfect Sunroom

If you want to update your sunroom, consider using some of these decor themes and ideas. Even sprucing up your living space with throw pillows or adding accent pieces such as mirrors can make a big difference.

Many of these sunroom ideas complement one another, so try experimenting to see which styles and furniture trends for 2021 suit you best. If you want more inspiration on how to make the most of your sunroom, check out our gallery for ideas.


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