3 Patio Enclosure Trends for 2019

Last year, modern comfort became a popular patio enclosure trend. A mixture of sophistication, sleek lines, and neutral color schemes filled backyard parties.

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The great news is that many of these patio enclosure trends have spilled over into 2019. Featured below are three patio enclosure styles you can expect to see at your next gathering.

Embracing Zen with Earth Tones – patio enclosure trend #1

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For the past few years, many companies have incorporated social responsibility into their key initiatives. Many have committed to reducing their carbon footprints and making environmentally conscious investments in processes that help protect our planet.

This shift towards organic living extends into home décor as well. For example, eco-friendly rugs with neutral tones have become a main staple in many homes and enclosed patios. With hues of brown and tan, these color schemes play extremely well with another popular color choice: blue.

Blue tones are often described as peaceful and tranquil, and they create a solid foundation for patio enclosure décor. These colors also allow you to easily add pops of color with pillows, chairs, blankets, and more.

Pops of Greenery – patio enclosure trend #2

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Another popular design style for patio enclosure spaces is to bring the outdoors inside. Succulents spruce up home décor with their bright hues while helping homeowners make seamless transitions between their patio areas and their yards.

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In the past, succulents have typically been seen on side tables or next to accent furniture. In 2019, however, more emphasis will be placed on these plants. Think about making succulents your main centerpiece on dining tables, or place large succulents next to key pieces of furniture.

Put the Petal to the Metal Frames – patio enclosure trend #3

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Industrial chic is an approach that incorporates the vintage look from its sister, industrial farmhouse, but with an edge. It combines wood textures with metal/stainless steel framing but maintains simple and clean lines.

Combined with an earth-tone color scape, industrial chic brings a rustic yet modern atmosphere to any patio enclosure space. Remember that in this instance, raw and unfinished materials are very welcome. Consider adding galvanized metal dining chairs or a reclaimed-wood table.

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In addition to style, metal framing can also be lightweight, which is a great benefit when you need to rearrange your furniture for an upcoming get-together.

When it comes to makeovers, you have quite a few options in 2019. Which patio enclosure trend will you embrace?


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