Eze-Breeze Three Season Room

Bring the Outside In: A Guide to 3 Season Rooms

In Florida, they call it a Florida room. In Arizona, it is known as an Arizona room. Elsewhere, you may hear it called a sunroom, solarium, or conservatory.

What is this room of many names? It is known universally as a three season room (or 3 season room). This space is best used in all but the hottest or coldest weather.

What are some benefits of three-season rooms? Is it the right choice for your next home addition? Keep reading for the answers.

What Is a Three-Season Room?

Unlike a four-season room, which hooks up with your HVAC system, a three-season room is not insulated or climate-controlled. Instead, it relies on large windows and natural light to create a comfortable indoor/outdoor environment.

Three season rooms are usually built on an existing patio or slab. The enclosure allows you to use the room during the spring, summer, and autumn months, or anytime the weather is moderate in your locale. Three season rooms are not engineered to be heated or cooled on a long-term basis, so depending on where you live they may not be usable year-round.

It is a great way to add a casual entertaining space to your home. You can also turn it into a Man Cave, She Shed, artist studio, or workout area.

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Benefits of a Three-Season Room

Because it is entirely enclosed, you can enjoy your 3 season room for more of the year than a screened-in porch. It costs less to construct than four-season sunrooms since you do not need to worry about a foundation, heating, cooling, or insulation. For the most ideal times of year, a three season room can be opened up (many 3 season rooms feature floor-to-ceiling windows and doors), allowing breezes to flow through. 

Three season room floor-to-ceiling windows also offer UV protection, allowing you to spend time in the “sun” without worrying about damage to the textiles inside your sunroom. Depending on your manufacturer, you may also have the option of glass roof panels for extra sunlight.

Your three season sunroom can be as casual or as extravagant as you like, depending on your reasons for building it. It can be a safe place for the grandkids to play, or you can use the space for formal dinner parties. Either way, everyone will enjoy the unobstructed view of your backyard or garden.

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Eze-Breeze Three Season Room
This Eze-Breeze Horizontal Side Slider four-season room offers spectacular views.

Three-Season Room Ideas

Your sunroom is a transition between your indoor and outdoor living spaces, so you will need durable decor and furnishings that are easy to clean. Think laminate or tile flooring, wicker furniture, and washable cushions.

Keep the focus on natural light by choosing light, neutral colors for the walls and framing. White, beige, and khaki are traditional choices, but you might also choose something more bold like black or bronze.

How will you light the room after the sun goes down? A ceiling fan with a lighting fixture is a terrific option, or you could add a few table lamps or floor lamps near your seating. Connect the lighting fixtures to a dimmer switch, so you have full control over the brightness level.

A final decorating tip for your three season room is to maximize the indoor/outdoor feel with potted plants or trees. If you live near the coast, you might include a centerpiece vase filled with sand, seashells, or sea glass. For a more woodsy feel, decorate with shallow bowls full of colorful river rocks.

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Ready to Add a Three Season Room to Your Home?

A 3 season room is a terrific way to add value to your home and quality to your life. Whether you use it for entertaining, relaxing, or artistic endeavors, you will love spending time in your three season sunroom. There is no better time than the present to start planning for your three season room.

Are you still looking for ideas about decorating your new 3 season sunroom? Click here for fresh inspiration.


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