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5 Home Decor Gifts Worth Giving (and Receiving)

Whether it’s a hostess, birthday, work promotion, new addition to the family, holiday, or “just because” gift, a home decor present will make anyone’s day. Here are some gift ideas for your next celebration.

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5. Fireplace Match Cloche Bottles

Leave it to Oprah Winfrey to make gift-giving fun. She recently released her “Favorite Things,” and what’s most exciting is a lot of the items she selected are on Amazon. These vintage-inspired fireplace match cloche bottles from Skeem come in handy when building a fire. And when done with the matches, you can display your favorite collectibles in these beautiful glass containers. Starting at under $50 each, these are the perfect gift for anyone that loves to spend cozy nights by the fire.


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4. A Wicker Basket with Handles

Everyone’s home decor taste is different. But no matter the style, some pieces are classic and always come in handy. A wicker basket with handles is an excellent gift because it’s multi-functional and can comfortably reside within anyone’s home decor. You can use it to store firewood, magazines, blankets, toys, laptops, and so much more. When gifting, consider filling it with treats like a bag of popcorn, a bottle of wine, or a six-pack of fun sparkling water flavors. Wayfair has multiple options, but we adore this one from The Twillery Co. under $40.

Wicker Basket Wayfair
Tall Water Hyacinth Wicker Basket from

3. The Perfect Book

A unique book is a treat we don’t always allow ourselves. So make someone’s day by giving them a beautiful hardback that they can put on display and thumb through when they have downtime. Need help figuring out what type of book to get? Here are some things to consider:

  • Cookbook: If you know someone that loves to travel and cook, try to find a cookbook from one of the restaurants they talk about from their trips or a type of cuisine from an area they love.
  • Hobbies: From surfing to bike riding, road-tripping, and architecture, you can find beautiful books that remind your friends about the things they love. There’s nothing better than being visually transported to the thoughts and places that make your heart flutter.
  • Travel: Does your friend always talk about that trip to the Northwest they loved. Or are they planning a trip to Scandinavia next year? All of these are signals to help you pick out a picture-filled coffee table book that reminds them of the places they enjoy.
  • Sentimental: Maybe your friend misses their hometown, or they have a particular location where something important happened in their life, these can all help you pick out the perfect book. Consider one that showcases their alma mater’s campus or one that talks about the history they’re proud of when talking about their family. Don’t forget, even a book about their hometown can be a fun way to show guests all the things they love about where they grew up.
Brew: Better Coffee At Home Book
Brew: Better Coffee At Home Book from

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2. A Personalized Cutting Board

If your friends enjoy cooking, grilling out, or just making charcuterie boards (not everyone can be a chef) a personalized cutting board is a fun gift they’ll love showing off for years to come. Cutting boards can serve multiple purposes and don’t take up a lot of space. The great thing, everyone in the family will benefit from this gift so it can be for the entire household. There are multiple options, but keep in mind these are personalized so that shipping times may be a bit longer. Both Bed Bath & Beyond and Etsy have fun options.

Personalized Cutting Board
Personalized Cutting Board from

1. House Plant

Giving flowers is a nice gesture, but how about giving something that has a little more longevity? House plants are trending and for a good reason. They help clean the air, can help increase humidity, and even can be a companion to tell your darkest secrets to (talking to plants is a thing). If you’re a plant expert, then stop reading and get one. If you’re new to the whole thing here are some options:

  • Local florist: The florist down the street does more than delivering flowers in your neighborhood; they also probably sell plants. Take advantage of the expertise they have to offer by asking what types of plants will work in your friend’s home (full-light, no light, etc.). And if you don’t like the basket or pot, the plant comes in, head over to your local home improvement store and buy a new one or find a unique container to repot it in.
  • Online: Yes, it’s a thing, and it’s terrific. You can buy succulents on Amazon then pot them at home to make a unique arrangement. Or you can let a company like The Sill do it all and have the plant mailed directly to your gift recipient. The great thing about this company is you can find plants for beginners and even sort by “pet-friendly” options.

Gift-giving should be fun. When you take the time to make it personal, your friends and family will be grateful. And maybe you’ll be the lucky recipient of one of these soon.


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