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6 Inspired Ideas for Upgrading Your Backyard for Summer Entertaining

Summertime has many allures. At the top of the list for many homeowners? Outdoor entertaining. Whether you love hosting casual barbecues, energetic pool parties, or intimate gatherings with friends and family, upgrading your outdoor space will enhance the enjoyment of these moments and many others.

In this blog, we’ll explore six ideas for upgrading your backyard to create attractive, comfortable, and functional spaces.

Get ready to transform your backyard into the ultimate outdoor entertainment oasis.

1. Get Cooking with an Outdoor Kitchen

The kitchen may be the heart of your home, but nothing is more frustrating for a host than spending a party traipsing back and forth from the kitchen to the porch, patio, backyard, or other location. That’s where outdoor kitchens come in.

Installing an outdoor oven, sink, fridge, and ample counter space for prepping and preparing food has the potential to revolutionize your summer entertaining experience. In addition to adding convenience, outdoor kitchens become focal points that bring people together.

On a related note, incorporating a bar area with seating not only makes serving up drinks easy and convenient, but also creates an additional space for conversation and camaraderie.

The best part? In addition to bringing you enjoyment while you’re living in your home, incorporating an outdoor kitchen into your exterior space will also improve your home’s resale prospects.

2. Enjoy More Seasons of Fun with a Porch or Patio Enclosure

Unfortunately, factors like bugs, bad weather, and sunset can put a premature end to summer fun. Enter porch and patio enclosures. While fully enclosing a porch or patio can be expensive and also creates more of a barrier between indoors and outdoors, retractable screens are an appealing alternative.

Designed to protect against insects, rain, and excessive sun exposure, a screen enclosure can help you create a cozy atmosphere for three or even four seasons of outdoor entertainment—regardless of the weather. When open, let in a refreshing breeze and beautiful views for seamless indoor-outdoor transitions. When closed, they offer protection from the elements while still allowing you and your guests to enjoy the natural surroundings.

3. Elevate the Party Atmosphere with an Outdoor Sound System

When it comes to setting the mood for a gathering, nothing has a bigger impact than music. Whether you’re going for calm and serene for a relaxing evening soirée or exhilarating and energetic for a lively pool party, the right music can make or break the vibe.

While a portable speaker gets the job done in a pinch, upgrading to an outdoor sound system can take your summer entertaining to the next level. Installing weatherproof speakers in your outdoor areas ensures high-quality audio distribution, while a wireless or Bluetooth-enabled system will let you easily control the music from your phone or other device.

Not sure where to start when it comes to selecting an outdoor speaker? Check out the NYT’s roundup of the best outdoor speakers.

4. Keep the Party Going with Outdoor Lighting and Fire Pit

Even the best parties can be felled when the sun goes down and temperatures drop. A few improvements can help you keep the party going after dark while also adding other benefits, too—starting with outdoor lighting.

A mindfully-designed lighting plan illuminates gathering areas and pathways, highlights landscaping and architectural features, and creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. String lights, hanging lanterns, and solar-powered light fixtures are popular choices that illuminate while adding a touch of enchantment.

A fire pit is another way to add illumination, warmth, and a cozy feel to outdoor events. Your guests will love warming up in front of the crackling flames, toasting marshmallows for S’mores, and sharing stories on starry summer nights. Depending on your space, goals, and budget, there are many fire pit styles to choose from, including traditional wood-burning fire pits and modern gas-powered options. Just make sure there’s plenty of seating available around the fire pit to establish it as a focal point.

5. Upgrade Your Environment with Indoor-Outdoor Design Elements

A truly inviting and comfortable outdoor space isn’t an afterthought. Rather, it should feel like a natural extension of your indoor living space. Incorporating indoor-outdoor design elements is an excellent way to achieve this outcome.

High-quality weather-resistant furniture, colorful rugs, plush pillows, and decorative accents blur the line between indoors and outdoors. Opt for materials like wicker, teak, and metal, which are stylish, comfortable, and hearty enough to withstand the elements.

Not only will these design elements help to create a cohesive and inviting atmosphere, but they’re also an opportunity to express your personal taste and style.

6. Enhance Views and Moods with Landscaping and Greenery

No backyard spruce-up is complete without attention to landscaping and greenery. Infuse color and liveliness into your backyard with vibrant potted plants, hanging baskets, and floral gardens.

A few tips for improving the landscaping in and around your outdoor entertaining areas?

  • Incorporate a variety of textures and heights to create a lush ambiance and visual interest.
  • Install hanging planters and/or vertical gardens to maximize space
  • Define different areas of your backyard with pathways, garden borders, pergolas, and other landscaping or architectural features
  • Consider how your landscaping plan can be used to provide shade and privacy

From the convenience of an outdoor kitchen to the versatility of a porch or patio enclosure, each of these six ideas can help you create an inviting, functional, and captivating outdoor space for fun in the sun (or shade) this summer.

To start elevating your porch, patio, or deck with an innovative porch enclosure or patio enclosure system, contact your local Eze-Breeze dealer today.


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