7 Trendy Sunroom Ideas for Spring 2023

Spring is just around the corner, which means the return of something many homeowners look forward to each year: sunroom season!

However, the best interiors are always evolving. Which begs the question: What changes can you make to your sunroom to make it an even more useful, welcoming, and attractive environment this season and beyond?

Read on for a roundup of seven sunroom trends to consider incorporating into your sunroom design for Spring 2023.

1. Hammocks and hanging daybed swings

Who doesn’t love lazing on a hammock or hanging daybed swing with a cup of coffee and a good book on a gorgeous spring day?

But these popular outdoor furniture picks don’t have to be limited to exterior spaces. In fact, they’re an excellent fit for covered porches, patios, and other enclosed spaces. Whether the sun is beaming outside or the rain is coming down, we challenge you to find a more peaceful way to wile away an afternoon.

Working with limited square footage? Consider a hanging egg chair instead—the ultimate nest for nook or other smaller space.

To create an even breezier effect in your sunroom, add gauzy lightweight curtains and a ceiling fan.

2. Extending sunroom season

Use of most sunrooms is inherently limited due to their seasonal nature. The only thing better than the arrival of sunroom season? Never having to say goodbye to it in the first place. Enclose your sunroom or other outdoor space with a patio screen enclosure. For example, customizable Eze-Breeze porch screen panels can be installed to transform any space into livable square footage.

Don’t have a patio, porch, or sunroom? Instead of an enclosed patio, consider a garage enclosure system. Sliding panels made from durable aluminum can help you transform your garage into the equivalent of a sunroom suitable for a variety of purposes.

3. Living Walls

Decorating with plants is hardly a new trend. However, it’s going stronger than ever in 2023 due to factors including the push toward more sustainable spaces and growing interest in biophilic design. Living walls are a natural extension of this trend.

Also called vertical gardens, plant walls, and green walls, living walls are vertical plant installations that give new meaning to the phrase “going green.”

Making for seamless indoor-outdoor transitions, living walls are uniquely suitable for sunrooms and other indoor-outdoor spaces.

4. Purposeful (and Multipurpose) Spaces

While sunrooms are often primarily spaces for relaxation and recreation, some homeowners are utilizing them in different ways. For example, as the shift toward remote work continues, more people are carving out space for home offices. With their natural light and calming environments, sunrooms are a natural fit for workspaces.

Other sunroom ideas include everything from art studios to children’s playrooms. Thanks to their nearness to nature and peaceful outdoor feel, sunrooms are also perfect places for meditation rooms and yoga spaces—especially when you incorporate design elements like yoga mats, water features, and greenery.

5. Dining spaces

Al fresco dining is one of life’s greatest delights, but bad weather, pests, and poor lighting can all interfere with enjoying it through the seasons. Enter the sunrooms-as-dining-spaces trend, which offer the festive feel of eating outside without the challenges.

However, we’re not talking about a picnic table, two benches, and some candles. Many homeowners are creating elegant and upscale dining spaces that would be equally at home indoors as outdoors through the incorporation of stylish furniture, high-quality lighting, and even fire features.

Two twists on this trend include sunroom-bar and sunroom-kitchen combos.

6. Happy places

Natural light is good for the body and soul. Many homeowners are leaning into the theme by turning sunrooms into “happy places.” Bright and cheerful colors, comfortable furniture, and fun design elements can all transform dull sunrooms into dazzling spaces with invigorating effects.

7. Sleeping porches

Earlier, we discussed the hammock/hanging daybed swing trend. While these can be integrated into multipurpose sunrooms, this trend puts them front and center as the “star” of the show.

Sleeping porches are an old-fashioned Southern tradition. Often located off a bedroom, at the corner of a home to capture the refreshing cross-breeze, or spanning across the entire back of a home, enclosed sleeping porches offered people relief from their stifling interiors on hot summer days.

While the invention of air conditioning may have eliminated the need for sleeping porches, their appeal remains.

One of the best ways to ensure that your sleeping porch maintains its tranquil and cozy feel? Adopt a minimalist approach with decor. Earthy materials like rattan and driftwood, space-framing drapes, and nature-inspired accessories all add up to an unfussy, organic, and inviting aesthetic.

Sunrooms are among the most pleasurable spaces in contemporary homes. These seven trends can help you make the most of your sunroom in 2023. For even more light and breezy sunroom inspiration and enclosed patio ideas, check out the Eze-Breeze photo gallery.


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