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Creating Livable Outdoor Spaces

With homeowners spending huge amounts of time at home but outdoors, livable outdoor spaces are more important than ever. Creating fun outdoor spaces where you and your family can spend time is one way to raise the value of your home and also improve your quality of life. There are so many things you can do to improve your outdoor spaces and make outdoor living possible. We’ll cover a few of our favorites in this blog.

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Shed Conversions

Converted shed that can be used for reading space or relaxation.

You know that old shed where you keep the lawnmower, fertilizer, and garden hoses? You can turn that structure into a beautiful outdoor space where you can enjoy privacy and extra living space. Turn your shed into a home office, man-cave, she-shed, or even a guest sleeping quarters. As long as your backyard shed is in good condition, a conversion doesn’t have to take that much effort. You’ll want to work with a licensed contractor to perform tasks such as:

  • Install electrical and plumbing, if need be.
  • Improve ventilation to keep the space cool during the summer.
  • Finish the walls with drywall and insulation to control the climate inside.
  • Install additional windows to let in the natural light.

Shed conversions done right may require permitting, so talk to your contractor. If your state requires your contractor to be licensed, certified, or otherwise qualified, check the license to ensure it’s active. A successful shed conversion will essentially turn your shed into an ADU – and that’s no small project! Doing it right will ensure you’re able to enjoy your space for years to come.

Patio/Porch Enclosures

Family enjoying the outdoors in their Eze-Breeze patio conversion

Featuring our Horizontal Side Slider and Cabana Door 

Uncovered patios are only useful for a few months out of the year when it’s not too hot, cold, rainy, or snowy to send you and your family indoors. A well-constructed patio or porch enclosure can turn your outdoor patio into a usable space that’s dry and sheltered all year long.

Eze-Breeze creates patio enclosures that convert your patio quickly! Imagine watching your kids play on the lawn while you sit inside your three- or four-season room. You’ll love the freedom your patio enclosure affords you and how nice it is to spend time indoors while feeling like you’re outdoors. With a covered patio you can:

  • Eat meals outside without worrying about insects
  • Turn your porch into a home office
  • Create a play area your children can enjoy

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Fire Pit

Do you love spending time outdoors telling stories around the campfire? Do you enjoy spending time outside even after the sun goes down? Do you like having parties and entertaining large groups of people into the night? Build a fire pit to give your outdoor nighttime events a sense of occasion. Fire pits add a focal point to your yard, giving you something to look at and enjoy after dark.

You can build a fire pit on your own or hire a contractor or landscaper to do the work for you. Clear the space of all debris and natural organic material to avoid the possibility of your fire spreading to parts of your yard. Lay down gravel or pavers to prevent weeds and grass from growing up in your cleared space. Use stones to enclose your fire pit and keep the fire contained.

When the work is finished, set up some outdoor furniture around your fire to make relaxing near your fire pit more comfortable. Invite friends over for s’mores.

Natural Garden/Reading Nook

Woman reading in outdoor reading nook on a garden bench

Nothing is more enchanting than spending an afternoon reading in a garden. Clear a spot in your garden for a bench. Lay down gravel, rocks or mulch to keep the weeds and grass away from your ankles, then put in a comfortable bench in a shady spot. If you don’t have a naturally shady spot in your garden already, plant a shade tree like a maple tree that will soon be tall enough and full enough to provide shelter on hot days.

Surround the space with beautiful flowering plants that will add a fragrance to the air. Lilacs, roses, jasmine, and other blossoming plants help create a whimsical space where you can draw, paint, read, or even do work.

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Multi-Purpose Furniture

Dress up your outdoor space with multi-purpose furniture like an outdoor couch and coffee table that can be used for outdoor dining if the mood strikes you. When choosing your furniture, make it durable and all-weather appropriate, so you can enjoy your outdoor furniture regardless of the conditions outside.

One more tip: install shelter somewhere to protect some of your furniture. Whether you do this with a porch enclosure like we’ve described above, or with a simple canvas structure that provides shade and some shelter from the rain, your outdoor furniture will last longer. You’ll get more use out of it, too, if you’re able to keep your furniture sheltered from the rain and other precipitation.

Love Your Summer – Make It Happen

It’s so gratifying to spend your life outdoors. Whether you’re turning your patio into an enclosed space or installing a reading nook in your favorite corner of the garden, we want you to enjoy your life outdoors on your property. Be sure to hire professionals when it’s needed and use quality materials. The better the products you use to dress up your outdoor spaces, the happier you’ll be with the end results.


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