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Enclosed Porch Ideas for Homeowners

Your enclosed porch can be one of the most attractive and functional parts of your house. Knowing what you plan to do with the space and choosing furnishings that support those goals can help you enjoy your enclosed porch. Having a plan before the porch enclosure is installed is key.

In this article, we’ll discuss enclosed porch ideas that will make your porch a more useful and attractive space overall.


There are many reasons to install an enclosed porch. If you haven’t already decided what to do with your space, consider the following:

Home office. Enclosed porches can make good home offices if you take the time to add the comforts of home to make the space easier to use. Insulate it to ensure that it will stay warm enough in winter and cool enough in summer to make work comfortable. Your enclosed porch likely has lots of natural daylight, but lamps can light the space, to make working easier after the sun goes down. Install a desk to create a work area, but don’t forget a couch or chairs for receiving clients. This makes it easier to use the space after hours if you plan to use your enclosed porch as a living space when work is over.

Toy room. Children need somewhere to keep their toys and play their games. The enclosed porch is a perfect spot for this kind of activity because once your child is done playing with their toys, they can step outside to go play in the yard. If your enclosed porch is being used as a toy room, install low shelves and modular storage to give your child a place to put their toys away.

Dining area. Enclosed porches make perfect dining spots because the porch windows give you a view of your outdoor spaces while you’re eating. Find a table that fits in your enclosed porch. When choosing a table, take into consideration how many people will be eating meals in the space on a regular basis. Buy a table that’s large enough to accommodate the number of people you plan to feed, while still allowing space for moving around in the enclosed porch.

Space for receiving guests. Your enclosed porch makes a great space for receiving guests, especially if you have an attractive backyard with lots to look at while you and your guests are talking together. Enclosed porch windows provide an excellent viewpoint for watching the sun go down or watching pets playing in your backyard space. Fill this kind of space with comfortable couches, chairs, and a coffee table.

Holiday celebrations. Are you seeking a space where you can put up a holiday tree, enjoy family holiday celebrations, or watch holiday movies with the kids? Your enclosed patio makes the perfect space for such events. Hang holiday lights in the porch windows to make your holidays warm and bright.

Watching seasons change. Seasonal changes can be beautiful to see, but outside they can also involve uncomfortable temperatures, precipitation, and strong winds. With your enclosed porch, you can watch the seasons change in comfort and style.

Relaxation. One of the most popular ways to enjoy your enclosed porch is to use it as a relaxation room. Your enclosed porch is the perfect place to engage in hobbies like crocheting, yoga, meditation, reading, and more. This room can be used for anything you like, so keep an open mind. If you plan to use this space for hobbies, be sure to include a table for a workspace, and a cabinet of drawers if needed.

Exercise. Do you need an exercise room with a view? Porch enclosures turn your patio into the perfect place for walking on the treadmill, using the stair machine, and more. Open your porch doors to allow more ventilation into the room, for a more comfortable exercise experience.


Have a plan in place for how to decorate your enclosed porch. Decorating makes your space feel more like home and helps you maximize your enjoyment of the space. The following tips will help you decorate your enclosed porch.

Be ready with a theme. Choosing a decorating theme isn’t just fun, it’s also useful. The theme you choose for your enclosed porch will help guide you as you select decor, colors, and patterns for your new space. Not sure what kind of themes are best? Common decorating themes include beaches, sailing, nature and wilderness, shells, seasonal changes, and holidays. Choose a theme that means something to you, to make your space more personally meaningful.

Shop around for furnishings. Be choosy about the furnishings you chose for your porch enclosure. To pick the best furnishings, look for:

  • Fade-proof upholstery. Remember your furniture will be exposed to a lot of sunshine! Buy furnishings with fade-proof upholstery to lengthen the life of the furniture.
  • A mixture of patterns and solids. This keeps the space fun and visually interesting.
  • Furniture that serves more than one function at a time. This helps make the best use of your space and makes it more likely that your furniture will still serve a function even if the way you use the space changes over time.

Add comforts of home. Use decorations like throw pillows and blankets, candles, framed pictures, and more to decorate your enclosed porch. These decorations are comforting and make your indoor space feel more like home, and less like a porch at all.


When you’re buying a porch enclosure, take time to shop around. Taking your time on the search for an enclosed porch can help you find a quality product that you’ll feel good about having purchased.

Buy from a reputable dealer. Buying from a reputable porch enclosure dealer is important. Buy your product from a company with online reviews or testimonials.

Compare prices. Take into consideration the price of the porch enclosure, but don’t make this the central issue. Lesser quality products may cost less, but also may last less time and experience more maintenance problems over time. Expect to pay a little more for a quality product. The extra money is worth it.

Customize your enclosed porch. Customizing your enclosed porch will help ensure that the product you buy will meet your unique needs. Look for a product that can be customized, from the porch screen panels to the porch doors and more. The more you make the porch enclosure your own, the happier you’ll be with your purchase over time.


Shopping for the right porch enclosure now, decorating the enclosure now, and having a plan for how you’ll use your porch enclosure will pay off. By customizing, decorating, and using the space wisely, you’ll come to love your porch enclosure for years to come.


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