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Man caves, she sheds, craft rooms, diva dens, and chill-out zones. Whatever you call them, it’s a unique space that gives a little room to breathe, and you can even share it with family and friends (if you want). But taking over an existing room in the house or purchasing a portable isn’t always in the budget. Now, you can turn your garage or patio into that special place that lets you relax or gives you a little more quiet time inside your home!

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Today, your garage may act as a place to park your car, a part-time workshop, or maybe a place to store your bikes and other recreational items. But have you ever wondered if you convert this square footage into something more? Perhaps a space to enjoy with friends and family, or a place to grab a quiet cup of tea, or somewhere you could spend hours working on your favorite hobby.

Garage door screen kits make this possible. With a sliding garage door screen, not only do you bring additional airflow into your garage, but you also can keep out unwanted visitors like bugs.

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Now it’s time to start imagining what you can do with this newfound space.

For movies or sports lovers

Sometimes a bigger screen than the one in the living room is wanted. Creating a space where sports fans or movie fanatics can place their over-sized screen and plush, comfortable furniture is one way garage door screens can help you expand outside your home. If over-sized furniture always looked inviting but felt too big for your living room, consider buying it for your new garage space.

Also, you can now splurge on the big screen TV you’ve always wanted. No room would be complete without a mini-fridge for cold beverages, plenty of space to store snacks (no one wants to miss a second of a good game or movie), some throws, and an ottoman to make sure you and your guests are always comfortable. Also, when you’re hosting friends, your garage side slider will let people flow in and out easily without ever having to step foot inside the house.

Possible names for your new space: The Man Cave, The Diva Den, Our Home Theater, or Longhorn Headquarters (okay, insert your favorite team name).

For the grill master

Maybe your grilling ritual can become a bit much for your kitchen, so consider using garage door screens to entertain your favorite food lovers while you work on food preparation. For the griller, consider setting up a large table where you can do all your food prep work while spending time with your friends and trading tips on how to perfect your BBQ recipe. You can also keep an eye on the smoker or grill outside through your screen door. Then when it’s time to eat, step outside your garage side slider to serve your friends and offer them a comfortable place to eat in your converted space.

Possible names for your new space: Griller’s Paradise, The Other Kitchen, Secret Sauce, or BBQ Headquarters.

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For the entertainer

If you prefer a different type of entertaining, perhaps more of the wine and cheese kind or Sunday social with friends, a garage door screen kit can give you this space. Consider adding a lot of seating, a table for games or snacking, a refrigerator for refreshments, and plenty of storage for platters and bowls so you can easily share what your friends bring over. If your garage has plumbing, you could add a sink to make serving and clean-up a breeze.

Possible names for your new space: Chill-Out Zone, Wine Cave, or Bunco Board Room.

For the hobbyist

From woodworking to painting, car repair to sewing, gardening to homebrewing, sometimes hobbies need a space of their own. With garage door screens, you can create the ideal room for hobbyists that will encourage creativity and help with organization. Determining what you need and want for your perfect hobby space is the best place to start. You may be able to pull things from your house or explore local garage sales and neighborhood posts online to find tables, chairs, cabinets, shelves, etc. to stage your new space.

Possible names for your new space: Geppetto’s Workshop, The Studio, The Repair Shop, Embroidery Central, Green Thumb Garage, or Brew Master’s Den.

These are only a few ideas on how garage door screen kits can help you create a new space without having to add on to your existing home. We invite you to tag us on Facebook or Pinterest, so we can see how you converted your garage space.


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