Home addition with beautiful finished garage and screened door.

Garage Screen – What You Need to Know

Are you seeking some way to add usable square footage onto your home? If you’re not making very good use of your garage already, then a garage screen may be the best option for you. By changing the environment in your garage, a screen can help you create a completely new space where you can get work done, engage in hobbies, meet with friends and more.

Before you invest in this kind of feature for your home, it’s important to know what a garage screen is, how it works, and what the benefits are. The more you know about garage screens, the easier it will be to decide whether this type of fixture is right for your home.


A garage screen is a customized wall that sits in the garage door opening and turns your garage into usable living space. The screen provides a view outdoors, allows ventilation into the garage, and also creates an environment that is more home-like and less garage-like.

For a homeowner seeking some way to add more space onto their home without the expense of a full addition, a garage screen is an affordable and practical option. 


There are many benefits of installing a garage screen in your home.

Create usable living space in your garage. The garage can be a vastly under-utilized space in the home, and many homeowners use this space for storage only. Installing a garage screen makes the garage less garage-like, and more like an enclosed patio, or another extension of your house. You can use this space for any purpose you want, including a home office, toy room, billiard room, game room, room for entertaining guests and more.

Ventilate your garage space. Garages can be hot and uncomfortable, but the garage screen makes it more comfortable.

Easier than building an addition. A garage screen comes with easy to follow instructions that allow you to convert your garage into usable space, without turning to the services of a contractor to build an addition. You’ll have a new home space in a fraction of the time it would take to build an addition, and for a fraction of the cost as well.

Get more out of your home. If you’ve outgrown your home, don’t have to move to get more space. Installing a garage screen makes it possible to get more usage out of your home’s square footage. In this way, installing a garage screen saves you the time and expense of relocating, not to mention the hassle. You won’t have to uproot your life, or the lives of the people in your household, to have a home with more rooms.


Below are some of the many ways that homeowners use their garage, once they’ve converted the space.

  • Home office. Do you need a place to work from home? Your garage makes the perfect spot because it’s separate from the rest of the house (and therefore less chaotic than places where your children and spouse may spend time). The garage can also be just as comfortable as other rooms of the house, if you take the time to insulate the space and install heating and cooling. With a new garage door screen, some cleaning up, and a little work to make your garage more comfortable, you can have a home office that’s just as nice as any other part of your house.
  • Toy room. The garage is a wonderful place to send the kids when they need somewhere to play. To make your garage into a toy room, be sure to install modular shelves and storage spaces where kids can keep their toys. Dedicate one part of the garage to a workstation or desk where kids can spend their time coloring and working on crafts.
  • Game room. Maybe you don’t have young kids at home, but you have bigger kids who would love to have a space where they can play board games, video games and more. Convert your garage into a game room. Consult with your older kids (or spouse) for ideas about decor. Pick a decorating theme to make your game room fun in addition to functional.
  • Entertainment area. Use your garage to entertain guests. Install a couch, chairs, coffee table, computer, television and more. Put up movie posters on the walls to make the space fun and light-hearted.
  • Dining room. Have you always wanted a dining room, but now live in a house with an eat-in kitchen only? Convert your garage into a dining room where the whole family can enjoy a meal together. Remember to put up curtains on the windows to give the space a homey feeling.
  • And so much more! The garage can be used for just about any purpose you want. If you’ve got a growing family but don’t want to move, the garage can be used for just about any purpose you can imagine. Think about your personal needs and how your garage can be used to solve any space problems you might have.


Buying a sliding garage door screen can be easy, but it’s important to shop around for a reputable garage door screen manufacturer. Some tips when trying to select the garage door screen manufacturer for you:

Check References or Testimonials

Read online reviews, contact references or read testimonials for companies that produce garage door screens. Checking references or reading testimonials gives you a sense of whether previous customers are happy with their purchase, and what they would change if they could.

Explore Customizations

Many companies allow their customers to customize their garage screen, but just how much depends on the company. As you’re trying to decide which garage screen company is right for you, explore customization options. Compare companies to find the garage screen that best fits your needs.

Know Your Budget

Make a budget for your garage screen. When you’re shopping for a screen, look for a product that you can afford, but don’t pick the cheapest screen simply because you’ll save money. The least expensive product may not be the best product. Look for a screen that’s made from high quality materials and preferred by many consumers.

If you’re planning to borrow the money for your garage screen, shop around for the right lender. Explore payment terms to ensure you can afford the monthly payments.

Consider Customer Service and Professionalism

Consider factors like how professional each company seems, as well as their customer service. Call the company if need be, to find out how responsive they are to customer questions, whether they offer good customer service, and how easy they are to get a hold of.


You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a home addition to get the space you want. Instead, simply by a garage screen.


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