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Understanding Material Strength for Sunrooms and Patios

When Does Strength Matter? Every day.

Remember that classic line, “Mom said, ‘don’t play ball in the house’”? If you don’t, that’s okay. The Brady Bunch wasn’t part of everyone’s youth. But that line, along with the many other warnings parents give to kids, still holds. When enclosing a porch, the strength of the materials they are made of is essential.

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Here are a few reasons why along with some of the technology behind how they work.

Why Do I Need To Worry About the Strength of My Sunroom Panels?

Material Strength

Wild baseballs, pebbles the lawnmower may throw, stray long shots, and much more can find its way to your sunroom or porch. The strength of the materials in the products homeowners choose is essential. People-proofing your porch or patio lets you know your investment is protected when things may not go as planned. Also, depending on the part of the country you live in, the weather can deliver unexpected outcomes. High winds can cause branches to fall onto your home, hail producing thunderstorms can strike unexpectedly, icicles can sporadically fall, and other weather-induced situations can damage your porch or sunroom. Having the peace of mind that your space is ready to protect you from the elements, lets you know you’re better prepared.

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Do Panel Materials Really Matter?

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  • Strength- Vinyl glazed panels offer a compelling alternative to glass panels. If impacted, today’s vinyl glazed panels will return to their original shape in minutes. Unlike glass that can shatter on impact, memory vinyl panels can retain their original shape after an impact. That means that even if a panel is damaged, homeowners do not have to deal with dangerous glass shards. The durability of vinyl memory panels is unsurpassed. 
  • Sunlight Protection- Vinyl panels can also safeguard your furniture by eliminating 99% of harmful UV rays. This extra level of protection prevents you from having to replace your furniture and helps keep your space cooler when the temperatures rise.
  • Privacy- Vinyl panels can also allow homeowners to customize their privacy level by offering various tints. These tints give homeowners the freedom to create a custom indoor/outdoor living space that fits their lifestyle. For example, if a space requires more privacy and shade, choose a darker tint color. Vinyl tint colors include: clear, smoke gray, bronze, and dark gray. 
  • Ventilation- Lightweight sliding vinyl panels keep harsh weather out and let fresh breezes flow through. A stackable design allows vertical sliding panels to easily be lowered or raised effortlessly to ventilate up to 75% of the area giving homeowners versatility. If you’re looking for more ventilation, the horizontal side slider (slides from side-to-side) offers up to 100%.
  • Cleaning & Maintenance- Vinyl panels were designed with ease of cleaning in mind. With vertical 4-track panels, homeowners can lift a vent panel and have it fold out for simple cleaning. 
  • Customization- Homeowners want their enclosed patios to look like they are part of their home. With an aluminum-extruded mainframe that comes in multiple colors, homeowners can make their enclosed space look like it is part of their original home. Frame colors include white, beige, bronze, pebble khaki, and black.

Understanding the importance of materials is a great place to start when considering bringing the outdoors inside with a new sunroom or sunporch. With this knowledge, planning your project and building the sunroom of your dreams is the next step. You can explore galleries, check-out blogs, then contact a certified dealer to create your own customized space.


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