A patio enclosure adds to the exterior beauty of this countryside home.

Simple Styles For Your New Porch Enclosure

So, you shopped for porch enclosures and now you’ve got an enclosed patio. Congratulations! You’re almost ready to enjoy your new enclosed space. The final step to preparing your patio enclosure for added use is to create a comfortable environment where you can spend time. The style you choose is important! The following style ideas can help you get started decorating your new porch enclosure.


Trends change every year. The fun thing about choosing a trendy look for your patio enclosure is that you can update the space annually to follow the trends. Doing this is like getting a new room for your house on an annual basis! Below are some trends for 2022.

Shades of brown. Gray was in – until it wasn’t. Shades of brown create an earthy, comfortable environment that can soothe the mind and calm the spirit. Shades of brown go far beyond standard beige. For a large patio enclosure, consider dark, earthy browns. For a smaller enclosure, lighter browns are more appropriate.

Do you love the color gray? Consider a “greige” mixture of brown and gray. This soothing neutral color is the best of all worlds.

Natural objects. Like shades of brown, natural objects help create a space that’s comfortable and relaxing. Choose decorations for your space made of stone and wood. Consider decorating your space with plants too!

Indoor/outdoor furnishings. Outdoor patio furniture gets more comfortable all the time – and lately some homeowners are using outdoor patio furniture to decorate their interior spaces. Patio furniture is the perfect choice for your patio enclosure. Stylistically, it makes sense in the space – and patio furniture is ultra durable and stain-resistant.

Textures and patterns. Go crazy with textures and patterns to make your space bright, colorful and attractive. Worried about making your space too busy? Try a combination of patterned pillows and throw blankets combined with solid, unpatterned upholstery.


Maybe trendy isn’t for you, but the modern look is just right. This is what you can focus on when you’re trying to decorate your porch enclosure with modern style.

Clean lines. Stay away from anything with elaborate patterns or carvings. Modern styles have a minimalist style that can be soothing and calming. Trade that floral upholstery for solid colors.

Less clutter, more open space. Less is more in a modern space. Avoid cluttering table surfaces, and keep the furnishings to a minimum. Install only what’s necessary to make your patio enclosure comfortable.

Comfortable, functional furnishings – no frills. When selecting furniture for your modern patio enclosure, look for furnishings that are comfortable and functional, but not over the top. Avoid extra cushy couches and seats.


Are you in love with older things? Is Mad Men your favorite show ever? Then the vintage look is right for you! Some tips to make your patio enclosure a perfect vintage space:

Pick a decade. Don’t mix and match decades when you’re going vintage. Pick an era and stick to it. This will make your vintage patio enclosure more interesting, while also avoiding an aesthetic that is more cluttered and confusing.

Shop at the local vintage stores. Shopping at the local vintage stores makes decorating with a vintage style more fun! Relish the good finds at antique stores – and be choosy about the items you select. Don’t buy anything unless it’s just right.

Make it a work in progress. Part of the fun of decorating in a vintage style is making your decorating scheme a work in progress. The more time and energy you put into finding the perfect fixtures and decorations, the happier you’ll be with the space when it’s finally done!


Technically, a monochromatic palette is made up of only one color. However, monochromatic decorating palettes usually involve many shades and tints of the same color, and some neutrals as well.

Example: maybe you want your patio enclosure to be primarily blue, with shades of gray and white. Mixing and and matching your chosen color with neutrals can help break up the intensity of the color and make the space more visually attractive.

Remember that each color is associated with a different emotion. Warm colors tend to excite passion and energy, while cool colors tend to be more relaxing. Choose a color that corresponds to the emotion that you’d like to feel when you’re in your patio enclosure.

Guest Friendly

Will your patio enclosure be a space for spending time with family and friends? If so, it needs to be guest friendly! Making your space comfortable for the people who spend time there can make your space more inviting. Some suggestions:

Furnish with comfortable chairs. Select chairs that have big cushions and soft upholstery. Be sure to sit in the chairs before buying them, to be sure they’re as comfortable as you look.

Include a coffee table. Your guests will need a place where they can set down their drinks while they’re talking to you. Don’t forget to furnish your patio enclosure with a coffee table. Keep it within reach of the chairs!

Throw pillows and throw blankets. Make your space cozy with an addition of throw pillows and throw blankets.

Focus on creating an “ambiance.” Create a comfortable atmosphere with objects like candles, plants, potpourri, and small pieces of art. Choose items carefully, and don’t overload the space. Too many items can make your space look cluttered.

Task Specific

Maybe you installed your patio enclosure because you needed a dining area, or a home office. If your patio enclosure was installed for a specific task, then it’s important to choose task-specific decor for your space. When you’re decorating the area, it’s important to ask yourself what kind of environment is most suitable for the tasks that you intended to perform in that space.

For example, if your goal was to create a home office, start by installing the furnishings required for a home office. This may include cabinet space, a desk, a conference table, and a few comfortable chairs.

Remember that your home office will need plenty of lighting – during the day and at night. Install lamps of many types and in areas all over the space to ensure that you can see what you’re doing when you’re doing it. For the finishing touches on your home office, be sure to install some comfortable decorations that make your home office a fun and relaxing place to spend time.

Take Your Time

Most important of all is to remember to take your time with your porch enclosure decor. You don’t need your enclosed patio to be perfect from day one. The more time you give yourself to complete this task, the happier you’ll likely be with the finished results.


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