Sliding Garage Doors and Screens

Picture your garage in your mind. Is it organized? Useful? How much time do you spend there? If you’re like most homeowners, you’re probably using the space to hold your holiday decorations, tools, and fertilizer. Garages tend to be dirty, cramped, dark spaces. They’re actually one of the most under-utilized parts of the house, but that can change. By installing a sliding garage door and screen, you can change the very nature and appearance of your garage.

Many homeowners have never heard of a sliding garage door screen, and thus are unfamiliar with the benefits and what this kind of installation could do for their home. A sliding garage door screen can make your garage into a like-new space, to use as you see fit. If you’re a homeowner seeking new space without the expense of building an addition onto your home, a sliding garage door and screen may be just right for you.


A sliding garage door and screen is a wall that fits in your garage door opening. The screen is made from high quality frames. Each screen is custom-made for the client to ensure a good fit in the garage. The panels glide on large wheels and are built to latch into place. The panels have a kick plate at the bottom to provide extra strength and to protect the panel even if a car should roll into it.


You could benefit from a sliding garage door panel if you meet one or more of the criteria below.

You need more space at home. The garage door slider is designed to turn your garage into another functional room in your home. The panels replace the garage door, which remains up, to create a more home like environment in your garage. This makes the slider an excellent option if you need more space at home and are seeking a way to add a room to your house.

You don’t want to move. Maybe you need more space but don’t want to relocate. The garage door slider gives you the option of adding usable space to your home that could prevent you from having to relocate.

You’re tired of all the noise the kids make. The garage makes a perfect toy room or game room where you can send the kids to play and make all the noise they want. To protect the rest of your house from the noise, try insulating and soundproofing the garage.

You’ve recently started working from home. Maybe you need a home office. The garage makes a wonderful space for your home office if you’re looking for a good place to put your desk and get some work done. To make your garage an even better home office, set up an air conditioner to use when it’s hot, and a heater to use when it’s cold. Insulate and finish the walls, if they aren’t finished already.

You’re not making good use of your garage. Your garage adds valuable square footage onto your home, or at least, it could be adding valuable square footage if you took steps to use your garage space wisely. Installing a sliding panel into your garage turns your garage into a completely different space, and one that you can use easily for a variety of household functions, from a hobby room to a dining room.

You don’t want to build an addition. A home addition can be a costly home improvement. In fact, some additions cost $200 per square foot or more. If you’re in need of more space in your home but don’t have the money to invest in a home addition, a sliding garage door panel can be made available at a small percentage of the cost.

Shop around to get the best deal, but don’t buy the cheapest panel simply because you’ll save money. It’s more important to get a quality product than it is to save a little cash. Do your homework and buy from a reputable company.


Below are some benefits of a sliding garage door screen. Of course, many homeowners benefit from this type of installation in different ways.

  • Affordability. A sliding garage door screen is affordable because it’s made from pre-made materials and customized to the design of your garage door opening. Compare that to the cost of a home addition or even a relocation, and you’d be amazed at how much you could save.
  • Easy to install, easy to remove. A sliding garage door screen is designed to be easy to install and easy to remove, even if you’re not a professional. Your garage door screen will come with clear instructions to help you get your garage screen up and running.
  • Customizable. Every company offers different levels of customization. If you’re in need of a customizable sliding door screen for your home, work with a company that offers the level of customization that you need for your home.
  • Save you money on an addition. Remember, you can easily spend more than $200 per square foot on a home addition. You can save that money by installing a garage screen to create a space that’s flexible and attractive in your home’s garage.
  • Can convert space into a three or four season room. Do you need a three season room or a four season room? If so, then your garage can be the new space you seek! Install a garage screen to make this happen. Have a patio? You can also create a three season room or a four season room by installing a patio enclosure.
  • Fast. In addition to being a lot cheaper than a home addition, a garage screen is much faster to install as well. If you’re in a hurry to make a new space in your home, a garage screen may be the solution.


You don’t need to build a home addition or relocate to a new home to have an attractive and useful space. Contact a reputable company to get a sliding garage door screen created for your home. If you’re not up for installing the sliding garage doors panel yourself, hire a handyman. You’d be amazed at how cully a garage screen can transform your home.


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