Spring & Summer Styles to Refresh Your Patio Enclosure

Spring is finally springing, and summer is just around the corner.  Which begs the question: Is your outdoor space ready for action? 

If you’ve been making do with old, outdated, or uncomfortable furniture, incorporating some of the newest styles can help you elevate your deck, patio, or other area into a truly inviting and expressive space. The best part? If you’re working with a patio enclosure or other enclosed indoor-outdoor space, the possibilities are almost endless. 

Read on for a roundup of five of our favorite outdoor decorating trends to consider in 2023, along with how patio enclosures can help you make the most of them.  

1. Make it modular

In an attempt to increase livable square footage, versatility is one of the biggest things today’s homeowners are looking for.  This isn’t limited to indoor spaces. It applies to outdoor rooms, as well. Modular furniture is one of the easiest ways to make your porch or patio more versatile.

Sectionals and other modular furniture can be arranged and rearranged into many shapes. This allows you to customize your space depending on your needs. From encouraging intimate conversations to facilitating mingling between your guests, there are many ways to configure module furniture to achieve your goals.

2. All things modern and organic

With modern design still going strong and organic materials also having a major moment, the “organic modern” movement is a natural extension (and combination) of these two trends.  

Ideal if you’re going for a warm, cozy, and intimate aesthetic, organic modern’s rustic earth elements and natural materials have a softening effect. Seek out wood, rattan, cane, stone, wicker, and other natural materials, as well as greenery in the form of everything from plants and flowers to living walls. 

And while neutral shades may be the first that come to mind when you think of natural colors, soft shades of sea and sky can also be neutrals.  

3. Chic comfort is key

Outdoor furniture was once primarily utilitarian in nature. (Think the backache-inducing, tried-and-true picnic table/benches combo). However, as the indoor-outdoor living movement continues, attention is turning to outdoor furniture that achieves a winning combination of chic comfort.

Take egg chairs, for example. Chances are, you’ve seen this chic seating option adorning the pages of your favorite design magazine. Also called hanging chairs, garden egg chairs, swing chairs, and hanging chairs, these pod-like seats—named for their egg shape—are beloved for their visual allure, gentle sway, and cocooning effect. 

Available in stationery as well as hanging styles, egg chairs are the embodiment of chic comfort. However, they’re far from the only option. Porch swing beds offer a larger variation on the theme, while the basic hammock also delivers on vibe. 

4. The great escape

The pandemic may have forced us all outside out of necessity, but many people are choosing to stay there. As such, they’re increasingly willing to invest in creating next-level outdoor spaces for recreation, relaxation, and more. 

Enter resort style. Aligned with many of the other trends we’re seeing, resort style is all about the big and little touches that add up to luxurious experiences. Deep-seated couches and other furniture, mood lighting, outdoor rugs and drapery, water features, fire pits and fire tables, and other upscale touches help to create intimate yet entertainment-friendly outdoor spaces. 

Speaking of entertaining, many traditional activities traditionally reserved for the inside are migrating to exterior areas. From full-fledged outdoor kitchens with pizza ovens and bars to outdoor living rooms for watching television, game nights and more, homeowners are investing in design elements that welcome gathering. 

5. Alfresco offices and other solitary spaces

The pandemic didn’t just force us outside; it also forced us to rethink how we lead our lives. When the time came to return to the office, many people opted out. While indoor home offices are on the rise, they’re not alone. In fact, Cabot declared “outdoor workspaces” to be its Outdoor Trend of the Year for 2022. 

Whether you set up shop in your backyard or on your porch or patio, mindful furniture and design details can help you create a productive outdoor office.

Maximize Your Outdoor Spaces with Eze-Breeze Porch Enclosures

Bad weather can put a serious damper—literally and figuratively—on your plans for your outdoor space. This is one of the many reasons why so many people are choosing to transform their outdoor areas into three-season and four-season enclosed rooms. 

Not only do porch enclosures, deck enclosures, patio enclosures, and other indoor-outdoor spaces rainproof your exterior areas,  but they also let you start the outdoor entertaining season sooner, and keep it going longer, too. 

There’s no better time than right now to start thinking about upgrading your porch, patio, or other outdoor space for spring and summer.

That’s where Eze-Breeze comes in. Our custom sliding three-season panels and other porch, patio, and deck enclosure panels can help you amplify the livability of your screened in porch, deck, gazebo, pagoda or pool enclosure. Open them on nice days to welcome in the joys of the season, and close them on less-than-nice days for protection. 

If you’re not enjoying your outdoor spaces yet, what are you waiting for?


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