Three Season Sunroom Vs. Four Season Sunroom

Three Season Room vs. Four Seasons Sunrooms

So, you went to your neighbor’s house and enjoyed their new sunroom so much that you’ve decided you want one. But after doing some research, you realized there is something you’re unclear on- how many seasons of a room do you need?

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Understanding the differences between a three season room and four seasons sunroom will help you determine what you and your family need. Knowing the amount of time you can use the space is the determining factor in whether it’s a three season room or four seasons sunroom. Either way, you can’t go wrong because both styles of spaces will provide beautiful views of the outside while allowing natural sunlight to fill the area. Here are an overview and considerations to keep in mind.

What is a Three Season Room?

Outdoor sofa inside Eze-Breeze porch enclosure.

Taking advantage of unused space is what usually leads people to think of adding a three season room to their home. A three season sunroom can feature floor-to-ceiling windows, or others may have a panel on the bottom and windows higher up. The great thing about a three season room is that it can be used during most of the year, however during the extremely cold or hot months, it’s not ideal since a three season room isn’t insulated. What this means is a heater can’t efficiently warm a three season room, and an air conditioner can’t cool it. But when the weather is ideal for a three season room, your sunroom windows can protect your furniture by eliminating up to 99% of harmful UV rays.

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A three season room is often added to an existing slab, patio, or deck, which means there are fewer structural changes required to your home. A lot of the time, a three season room is separated from the rest of the house with an exterior door, since the room isn’t insulated. No matter what, if you’re looking to have more space for entertaining most of the year, then a three season room should be considered.

What are Four Seasons Sunrooms?


Similar to a three season room, four seasons sunrooms also expand your living space. Since four seasons sunrooms are used year-round, they do require insulation when being constructed. Also, they allow for air conditioning and heating from your existing system to help maintain a comfortable temperature during extreme weather. These additional benefits help extend the time you can use your space but do cost more to construct than a three season room.

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Another feature of four seasons sunrooms is that they can feel like a true extension of your home. They do not require an exterior door but can be open to the rest of your house.

Picking the Best Sunroom Type


By taking the time to sit down and think over these questions, you should be able to quickly determine if a three season room is a fit for your family or if you should consider four seasons sunrooms as an option.

  1. How often do we want to use the space?
  2. How do we want to use this space?
  3. How much do we want to spend?
  4. Do we want this room to be opened up to other portions of our home or have a door that separates it?

Starting a new project is exciting, and now that you know the differences and benefits of a three season room and four season sunrooms, you are well on your way to expanding your living space.


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