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Transform Your Unused Space into the Ultimate Man Cave

In today’s hectic and fast-paced world, who doesn’t want a room of their own? Enter the skyrocketing popularity of “the man cave.” Not only are these modern sanctuaries fun places for everything from relaxation to recreation, but research indicates that they’re actually therapeutic.

Viewed through this lens, it’s not surprising that so many homeowners are opting to include man caves when designing or improving their living spaces. In fact, only 12 percent of men say they DON’T have man caves, according to one study.

If you’re in the man cave-less minority, this begs the question: what are you waiting for?

Here, we’ll explore several possible places for creating your unique oasis for unwinding, entertaining, and indulging.

Then, we’ll share 9 essentials for planning and executing your ideal man cave.


Where to Put Your Man Cave

If lack of space has been holding you back from creating a man cave of your own, we’ve got good news for you: Depending on the specifics of your situation, you’ve got several options when it comes to turning unused space in your home into a restorative retreat, including the following:


Due to their winning combination of seclusion and spaciousness, basements are a common location for man caves.

However, basement man caves can also have their downsides. For starters, an unfinished basement may require significant plumbing, insulation, and lighting updates and upgrades.

Additionally, many basements are prone to moisture issues—which is not something you want to be worrying about if your man cave is housing your prized cigar collection or high-end electronics.

Spare Room

Empty spare rooms are also good candidates for man cave conversions. They offer the comfort and convenience of an indoor room with easy proximity to other household activities.

Of course, going with this option requires you to have a spare room first—one that no other member of your house has called dibs on.

Plus, the room will still have to do double-duty as overnight quarters when you have house guests. Not to mention that you may have to compromise your man cave’s design to incorporate features for those occasional overnight stays.

Enclosed Porch or Patio

Due to their seasonal nature, porches and patios are often underutilized options for man caves. That’s where porch enclosures come in.

These innovative indoor-outdoor solutions let you transform a seasonal space into a 3- or 4-season space suitable for many different activities. (This adaptability is also something to keep in mind if you’ve been thinking of adding on a sunroom.)

On nice days, leave your sliding porch enclosure open to welcome in fresh air while watching a game or hanging out with friends in your man cave. In cold or rainy weather, close it up to create a cozy and comfortable space.


Not only can garages also be transformed into appealing man caves, but they come with the added benefit of providing ample space for larger items like car collections, home gyms, and wood shops.

If your garage is finished, turning it into a man cave may be a relatively small project, while an unfinished garage may be a bigger undertaking that requires you to install insulation, flooring, and an HVAC system.

Think of garages as dark and unappealing places? A garage side slider offers the same benefits as an enclosed porch but for your garage, instead.


Unused attic space can also be turned into a man cave. However, finishing an attic can be a substantial ordeal.

Plus, if you’re currently using your attic for storage, you’ll be displacing everything from holiday decorations to out-of-season sports gear.

9 Must-Haves for Your Man Cave

Now that you’re starting to think about where to situate your man cave, it’s time for the fun part: planning the design and decor.

Here are nine tips to call on during your man cave planning process:

1. A Theme

While some man caves are multipurpose, others have a specific theme. Deciding on yours will inform the layout, furnishing requirements, and other decor.

Choose a theme that reflects your interests and intents for the space. Popular man cave themes include sports dens, vintage arcades, rustic lodges, and high-tech entertainment centers.

2. Comfortable Seating

We’ve already established that a man cave is the ultimate escape. However, there’s no quicker way to make spending time there a chore than with uncomfortable seating. Be sure to invest in luxurious couches, ultra-adjustable recliners, and plush theater seating to create an environment where people will want to linger.

3. A Large TV

One absolute must for just about any man cave? A large, high-definition TV for gaming and watching television, sports, or movies.

If space is tight, maximize square footage with a wall-mounted model.

4. A High-Quality Sound System

Whether you’re watching television or gaming, a high-quality sound system featuring surround sound speakers is guaranteed to provide an entertaining experience. (If your man cave is in a central location, look into soundproofing the room to avoid disrupting your family members.)

5. Game Tables

If you’re planning on hosting family and friends in your man cave, game tables are an excellent way to keep everyone engaged and entertained. Another benefit of pool tables, foosball tables, ping pong tables, chess tables, or arcade games? They add an interactive element to the space.

6. Bar Area

Looking forward to sipping a cold drink while relaxing in your man cave? Consider adding a bar area complete with a fridge, bar cart, stools, and a selection of your favorite beverages. A well-stocked bar area is also a great focal point for socializing when you’re entertaining.

7. Mindful Lighting

A mindful lighting plan—comprising a combination of ambient, task, and accent lighting—doesn’t just ensure optimal visibility and safety. It also sets the tone for the space.

Cool, unique, and interesting light fixtures are also elements of design in and of themselves. For example, rustic lighting will be at home in more casual environments whereas an elegant billiards room-themed man cave will be elevated with more sophisticated lighting.

And if you’re planning on using your man cave for a variety of purposes, dimmer switches can help you adjust the lighting for whatever’s on the agenda.

8. Personal Touches

Your man cave is YOUR man cave. As such, it should be a distinctive expression of your personal style, taste, and interests. Decorate with sports memorabilia, movie posters, collectibles, family photos, artwork, neon signage, and other details that align with who you are and what you love.

In addition to making the space uniquely yours, these touches also add character and warmth.

9. Storage Solutions

Clutter is the enemy of any inviting space. Outfit your man cave with adequate shelving, cabinets, and other storage to keep it organized, clean, and clutter-free.

If you’re designing a home theater-themed man cave, for example, you’ll need storage space for DVDs, video games, or other items.

The man cave of your dreams is just some planning away—with a little help from Eze-Breeze, that is. Whether you’re ready to turn your sunroom into a man cave or you’re looking for budget sunroom ideas, Eze-Breeze can help you bring your vision to life.

To get started, contact a dealer today.


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